What happened with my family in 2016

  • Time goes so fast.  My son Tsubasa became 5, and he is supposed to enroll an elementary school this year.  He looks like a good brother, taking care of his little sister Nanami.  Nanami became 1 year old, and began to walk awkwardly and prettily.  She speaks "da-da-" or "a-gi-", which obviously we do not understand, but it seems like her own language. 
  • This year, my wife and I will meet 10 years anniversary.  I have only word "thank you" to my wife.  
  • I am OK as usual.  Just learned fishing, which has become my great hobby these days.
  • Finally, thank you for your support to me and my family last year.  Hope everything will be greatest with you this year.


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Music for 2017


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